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says some stuff about video game narratives

Eeny Meeny Miny Kenny

In a post-apocalyptic world, life becomes strictly practical. Bags are filled with essentials like food and medicines. Extravagances like extra clothes, make up, and toys are left behind. In the same way, relationships become pragmatic as well. It is no... Continue Reading →


Every Fairy Tale Has a Dark Side

If you're looking for a nice, lighthearted game, go somewhere else. If you want to see every fairy tale from your childhood rip each other (and your heart) to shreds, then do I have a deal for you. Play Wolf... Continue Reading →

Guess That Genre

  Rise of the Tomb Raider is a fairly standard third-person shooter game. The player controls Laura, but can also see her character from an offset camera. A heads-up display keeps the player informed of their stats, ammo, and objectives.... Continue Reading →

Jade Empire: Seeing is Believing

There are many diverse setting in the game Jade Empire. You see everything from a quiet village to a cannibal's lair to a grand floating palace. Even if the graphics are not the most high-end and realistic, the scenery makes... Continue Reading →

I am The Last of Us Trash.

The Last of Us is currently my absolute favorite game. To begin with, my only exposure to this game was two different friends (at different times) playing Chapter 3. I was frustrated because of how little information my friends would... Continue Reading →

Tricksy Hobbitses

Human beings always seek out humor. Memes are the obvious evidence of that. We make memes out of practically everything. If something could be funny or meaningful, we usually pick funny. This is also seen in the Monomyth. One of... Continue Reading →

Brothers: A Tale of HEARTBREAK!

Alright, time to rant about this ending. I watched the playthrough of this game three weeks ago and had to keep it to myself until the class had gone through it to say anything. If you haven't played/watched this game,... Continue Reading →


"The Princess Bride," written by William Goldman and directed by Rob Reiner, was released October 9, 1987. Based on Goldman's book The Princess Bride, this award winning movie is a cult classic and one of the most quotable films ever... Continue Reading →

Ori and the Blind Forest: First Impressions

First thing's first: I don't think I've ever cried this much at an opening sequence. A lot of the reviews I read compared it to Up! but I think it's more intense than that. The surreal landscape and the super... Continue Reading →

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